Usefulness of HCG in Weight Loss – A Hormone Based Alternative

Many people have probably heard of the HCG diet, not only from the numerous studies which have shown it to work in help people lose weight quickly, but from friends or colleagues who have used it.  HCG is a natural hormone produced by women during pregnancy or during their monthly menstruation cycles.   It was discovered that using HCG as part of a reduced calorie diet offered some great results.  For example, it cuts appetite and metabolism considerably in patients which allows them to lose weight far faster than just trying to diet alone. How this was discovered, however, is a bit of a story in itself.

Dr. ATW Simeons was in India searching for a weight loss treatment that could help enable people who have had long term obesity related illnesses to lose weight.  This was no easy task, as people who try to cut calories actually harm their metabolism rate and even increase appetite as a result.  Therefore they’re fighting against their own bodies.  They found that people who took in this hormone actually experienced almost none of these problems.  He commissioned a study therein and users who took the hormone (then only available via injections) were able to lose weight at such a rapid pace, that they left the placebo group far behind.  They lost around 20 to 30 pounds per month on the protocol.

This diet was taken up by many clinics throughout the 70s and 80s, but was forgotten as supplies of HCG began to dry up.  With the new advent of HCG diet drops, for example real products provided by, people began to really lose weight and do so for a cheap enough price they could afford to do so.  Injections were expensive, painful, and difficult to get.  Many companies who purify and grow this hormone in the USA stopped doing so as fertility treatments were introduced that worked as alternatives.  However, with moves back to more natural solutions to these problems, so too came the HCG diet once again.  Now people can take the hormone orally each day, without any problems or pain in doing so.  In fact, pure hcg drops are available now that provide the same results as injections for a fraction the price.

Oral HCG administrationNot all HCG drops are created equal, there are lot of homeopathic or hormone free providers of these drops which have cropped up over the last few years.  These products typically don’t contain any of the actual hormone, and should be avoided by all whenever possible.  There’s a few key ways you can limit your risk of purchasing such a product:

  • All Real Drops Require Refrigeration - HCG is a hormone, and once mixed, it will begin to break down quickly after exposure to air.  It oxidizes and breaks apart over time, causing major losses in potency.  Refrigeration is required to slow this down, as well as limit any sort of bacteria growth or other problems.
  • No Alcohol Should Be in the Product - Alcohol based products are always fakes.  Alcohol is a highly toxic substance to any cells or living organisms.  It breaks down hormones or proteins quickly, and as a result, it’s not possible to store real HCG in it.
  • The Dosage in IUs Should be Listed - When you get vials of purified HCG powders for injections, they will display the dosage they supply (typically 5000 to 10000 IUs per vial).  This is good for a finite time period of injections, typically 30 to 60 days depending on volume. With real drops it’s the same, it should list the dosage it supplies per day for it to be clearly legitimate.  Fakes never do this, they will use some kind of made up value like: “2x, 4x, 8x” etc.


Dropping Weight Quickly Is Difficult, but Possible

Many people wish to lose weight, but they need a speedy and fast solution for that weight problem.  This is not only hard to find, but many of the treatments that claim to offer fast weight loss simply don’t do so in the end.  It’s important to achieve these goals not only for personal health, but also to save money, get healthier and reduce spending on healthcare.  It’s both smart for your health and smart for your wallet to get in shape.

A rapid weight loss program is possible, but it requires weeding through a lot of useless claims and information from various peddlers who claim their products work.  What people need to find is a proven treatment that works well not only in all practical scientific studies, but also in real world cases.  Positive testimonials from real users as well as supportive research should always accompany any methods chosen.  There are many methods that have been verified scientifically, but it’s important to select those that are natural and carry little if any bad side effects.

Food Choices and Their Impact on Dieting

Weight Loss ProtocolsLosing weight is often a matter of the food you take in, but also how those calories are made up as well.  It’s important to eat foods that are healthy, natural, and contain fiber.  If you have sugars, they should not be refined sugars.  There are many natural substitutes like stevia which can be used in their place, even in baking.  These are much better for people than eating typical refined can sugars.  Additionally, people need to keep in mind that the foods they eat do impact their weight loss more than any other factor.  Even if they take in proven treatments like the HCG hormone, it can impact their weight loss considerably if they don’t follow the diet protocol that goes along with it.

While a protocol like the HCG diet tries to reduce calories to 700 or less a day, or 500 or less per day, there are many other diets which will work (though not as well) with more calories.  Replacing a lot of the foods we eat with more natural and filling foods can prevent a lot of the problems people experience with hunger and appetite that happens when people try to change their diet.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to avoid eating before you sleep at night, as this can cause metabolism problems as your body attempts to process food while you’re not expending energy.  It will store most of this excess as fat, which harms your weight loss goals.  You want to have regular, and timely meals throughout the day.  These meals being healthy and organic is also of course important.

Losing weight by any means necessary is not a good idea typically.  You want to manage weight loss in such as way that the amount you lose is proportional to the goals you have in mind, and what is a healthy pace.  This can be a lot higher for diets that use proven treatments, but if you’re going through traditional exercise and dieting, losing only a few pounds a week is considered to be quite healthy.  People need to manage expectations as a result, otherwise the end goal has little chance of being realized.

Many businesses have tried to create incentives for workers to be healthy, such as discounted health insurance premiums if they belong to gyms or participate in work health programs.  However, the effects of this have been limited in real results for workers.  Many people simply cannot commit to this sort of thing because of stress within their jobs or being too tired after work to really devote any time to exercise.  Yet, there’s significant evidence that those who exercise regularly feel less tired after work and are more productive in their jobs as well due to increased energy.  This creates a positive cycle if people can just push themselves for a brief period to do these things.